Alacran RW5Highest Autonomy

Real Easiness

Alacran RW5 has a hardware on board allowing the flight in automatic way during the whole trip on one of the most noiseless UAV. Designed not only for operations that require security, discretion, as well as rescue and emergency Works.

Great Security

The breakthrough technology used in Alacran RW5 as well as its double CPU philosophy allow the autopilot not only to update the estimated height but also to close the control loop at high speed (1 Khz), regardless of the payload control and attached systems. This extra security layer allows to keep the UAV in flight, even after losing the assistant systems.

High Resistance

A great flight range (more than 3 hour-time), easiness to use, and high resistance to high and low temperature (from -20º to 50º Celsius) make Alacran RW5 into the best option for strategic operations where high precision is required.

An “Off-Road” in the Air

Its special features make the Alacran RW5 in a real “off-road” in the air, able to adapt to the most extreme enviroment, even landing and taking off in offshore platforms.

Advanced Technology

Alacran RW5 has got an innovative aerial station which integrates in a single element the required technology to provide good video and data links. The built-in battery turns the antenna station into an independent device and easy to display.

The most advanced ground control

The “Lighthouse Ground Control” system has got a built-in GPS and direct connection to computer which allow the operator to control the UAV in an automatic way through the computer keeping all their functions.

100% Multipurpose

UAlacran RW5 allows the integration of different kinds of cameras on the UAV. Its versality, flexibility, flight range and payload assure a complete customization according to any need.