Alacran RW10Simply Powerful

Proven Stability

Alacran RW10 faces the strong winds as steady as any other. It has got a 30 kgs. maximum weight when taking off and a good streamlined design. Its stability tested and guaranteed make the Alacran RW10 the perfect UAV for watching and video surveillance works.

Maximum load capability

The unbeatable Alacran RW10 can load up to 10 kgs. Its own setting allows payloads bigger than any other UAV with similar features.

Long range UAV

Alacran RW10 is ready to cover distances of up to 30 kms. With a flying range up to 2 hours with more than 65 kms/hour speed.

Easy to use

Alacran RW10 allows a great range of sensors such as daylight and thermal imaging cameras, radars and nanoSAR systems which assure a great flexibility in different applications.

The most advanced ground control

The “Lighthouse Ground Control” system has got a built-in GPS and PWM outputs which allow the AlacranRW10 autonomy keeping all their functions. The built-in “Futaba” Radio control also lets the UAV hand control.