INDA, protagonist in Expodrónica 2015

INDA, protagonista en EXPODRÓNICA 2015

For the first time in Europe, the whole UAV Industry came to Zaragoza….and we were there.

We show for the first time our ALACRÁN series; a new generation of UAVs: the RW3, the RW5 and the RW10 UAVs. These UAVs provides maximum stability, autonomy and versatility in the several applications you can use in our aircrafts.

Our UAVs are controlled-remotely from the taking-off to the landing and they offer unique features: High payload, access to difficult áreas, a great accuracy in taking pictures and a up-to-4 hours flight.

Our amazing trade show booth at Expodrónica drew the attention not only of the audience but also of the mass media, which could see the size of our aircrafts and know their physical characteristics.

Precision farming, monitoring and inspection of the infrastructure, environmental control, security in big size areas or the use in emergency situations were some of the applications that most interest raised for professionals and companies in sectors such as agriculture, industry and emergencies.

The versatility of the UAVs we develop in INDA is great, allowing its application in flights that need flying over land and sea.

The UAV industry showed its strenght and a promising future ahead. We congratulate Expodrónica, and we are eager to attend the next edition where we can see the latest developments in land, sea and air UAVs.

Meanwhile, below you can see our media appearances and interviews in several programs:Buenos Días Aragón, Aragón en Abierto, Informativos de Aragón TV y la primera y segunda edición del Telediario de TVE.