Security and Defense

The immediacy and the exact knowledge of the environment are essential in security and defense missions such as monitoring, emergency and rescue.

INDA UAVs are essential for the decision-making by giving a precise, quick and an adequate answer.

Alacrán UAVs can carry an up to 30 kg payload, they can be integrated into aircraft, boats and moving land, sea and air platforms.

Main Applications:

  • Sea rescue: monitoring and detecting boats at risk.
  • Support for intelligence tasks
  • Field Survey
  • Private security: tracking large areas, emergency detection and alert the control center.
  • Monitoring critical infrastructure

Building Industry

Our solutions for the building industry can minimize risks when monitoring, exploring and prospecting security at infrastructure

Main Applications:

  • Finding out structural pathologies
  • Land surveilling
  • Surveillance at work

Energy Industry

The strategic nature of the Power Industry requires not only a careful control of the security but also a support in the decision-making that minimizes risks.
INDA offers advanced solutions that allow, in addition, optimizing the human and technical resources necessary for the deployment of new infrastructure.

Main Applications:

  • Assessment and diagnosis of materials and components
  • Inspection and monitoring of wind towers, oil rigs and medium and high voltage towers.
  • Safety Reviews

Precision Farming

A relevant and accurate information of the crop condition, soil moisture, the photosynthesis or the quantity and quality of vegetative cover helps not only to make the right decision, but to improve the quality and quantity of the harvest.

Main Applications:

  • Field Monitoring
  • Irrigation Control and level of moisture
  • Localization of lack of nutrients
  • Vegetative vigor Analysis
  • Pest surveillance
  • Fencelines Reconfiguration
  • Damage Expertise


INDA Alacran UAVs offer the maximum guarantee when preventing, expertising and assessing environmental conditions in large and difficult Access areas.

Main Applications:

  • Forest monitoring
  • Environmental impact control
  • Endangered species
  • Watershed
  • Forest fires

Broadcasting Industry

Aerial photography accesses a new dimension offering stable and quality images with points of view mostly unpublished.
INDA Alacran UAVs are ready to deploy any type of recording equipment.

Main Applications:

  • Film, television and advertising.
  • Photography and video for damage assessment (natural disasters, emergencies, etc. )
  • Follow-up to public events


INDA has solutions for taking aerial photography of surface, orthophotography and restitution of land through photogammetry, that allow making 3D models of the field with the greatest posssible care.

Main Applications:

  • Mapping
  • Urbanism
  • Architecture
  • Archeology